Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY Wedding Suggestions

I'm 5 (5!) days away from getting married to the most amazing man, and as I am doing most of my wedding on my own, I thought I'd share my hints for what is making my life easier right now. Weddings don't have to be huge productions, what's important is that you're pledging your life to someone you love. However, if you're like me, you want a nice celebration for your friends and family. Here are the things I found most helpful in making my wedding go off with the right kind of hitch. (Ha!) (You can thank my father for that joke.)

1. Have fantastic friends and family. You are only one person, plus your significant other, that's only two. You two can't do everything, no matter how Type A and control freak you want to be. (Oh, is that just me?) Friends and family who are willing to give up time, share their talents, and be there for you not only help you make light work, it also makes you realize how much you are loved.

2. Read A Practical Wedding online and I highly recommend purchasing the book. The best advice she had at the beginning of the book was that if any wedding magazine or book made you feel like what you wanted was "less than" somehow, throw it out. I'd already done that, but it was nice to have permission. She not only covers doing your own flowers, making your own cake, making table runners, etc., but the book covers some of the emotional aspects of getting married, which are pretty important.

3. Use Blooms by the Box. I found this flower wholesaler through A Practical Wedding, and was impressed from the beginning. They have a DIY Wedding Flower guide you can download for free, and also includes a 5% off coupon when you do. Their flower consultant, Diana, will email you to just touch base, but isn't pushy at all. Diana exchanged many emails with me, understanding my budget limits, my flower desires and helping me figure out how to get the flowers I wanted under budget. Plus, when I got a call last week that the main flower I was going to use wasn't going to be in stock because of a growing season issue, Diana walked me through changing my order, and in less than half an hour I had a whole new flower plan. I cannot gush enough about how great this company is. Use them!

4. Use Etsy. Jewelry, hair accessories, ideas, and so much more abound at Etsy. I love supporting small artisans, and I've been able to keep some of my searches local to my area. If you really want unique things, this is one of your best bets for reasonably priced things that you will love.

5. When people offer you things for free, take them. When people offer to put you in touch with friends who can help you, do it. If you're not hiring a ton of people to help you out, let friends and friends of friends carry some of that burden.

6. Prioritize. One of my favorite things I saw that I made fun of was a bridal suggestion for "bridesmaids bouquets that make a statement." Have you ever been to a wedding and though, "Oh, wow! Those bridesmaids bouquets are really making a statement!" If you have, then kudos, but I don't know that I have. Think back to the weddings that you've loved, what were the things that you liked the most? Can you re-create those with your own spin?

Do what makes you happy. DIY is hard, I'm not going to say it's easy. (Baking your own cake takes a lot of time), but you can make it fun, and easier than some magazines and websites would have you believe.

Have fun! And I'll see you when I'm married!!

Image of Lego upcycled journal from Moonlight Bindery on Etsy.

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