Saturday, April 14, 2012

American Craft Council Baltimore Show

Back in February (was it already that long ago?) I took a Saturday for my annual pilgrimage to the American Craft Council show in Baltimore. I was excited as I missed last year's show, and this year the Craft Council had special categories, including "Under $100" for young craft collectors. (That's me!)

I did my usual walk-through, noting the things that I really liked and considering going back as I navigated the aisles. Then I came to Andrea Haffner's booth. Her work is astounding. I loved her wall hangings, and could have spend hours staring at them. She uses nature in her works--literally--pulling leaves, stalks, flowers, and other things from the earth, matching them with contrasting colors and shapes. I looked over her necklaces, and knew that one of those was going on my list of things I wanted.

I continued on my journey, getting halfway down the next aisle before I realized I needed to turn around, lest someone take the necklace I had fallen in love with. I chose a long rectangular piece, with a turquoise background with pink peppercorns above small pieces of straw, to create the illusion of flowers. I love this necklace. And her other jewelry comes in colors and shapes for everyone!

As much as I enjoyed other things at the Craft Council show, this is one of the best things I've ever seen. Unique, beautiful, and she has photographs as well as the amazing wall hangings that I am already saving up for.

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