Thursday, August 25, 2011

Etsy Bakeshop?

For a while now, I've been kicking around the idea of starting an Etsy bake shop. You know, a store front on Etsy from which I sell baked goods (like cookies, brownies, pies, cakes even), but I'm hesitant for a couple of reasons:

1. I'm not quite sure I understand how to ship baked goods. When I read about it on Etsy and on the USPS site, I feel very confused about how to go about that.

2. Not sure where my customer base would come from. I want to make some money off this venture, so I need to build a customer base (like you, friends!).

3. I'm not sure how much to charge. I want to have fair prices, but also need to include realistic costs, as well as my own time.

4. Should I build a menu of choices and then also allow special orders? (ie, gluten free)

So, blog-reading friends, I can you provide me answers for these questions? Should I build up social networking (Facebook, Twitter) to notify people of my ventures? Would any of you be willing to be guinea pigs for me, placing orders, allowing me to ship to you, getting discounts for being loyal customers?

And as a random last note, I do want to make my own wedding cake, but am definitely going to do a trial run. Anyone want to volunteer for taste-testing that?

Feel free to post answers/comments/questions I need to consider below.


Photo is of a peach pie I made this week.


  1. So, I think the shipping is going to be your first major issues because of fragile baked goods AND because of heat. Will you mail chocolate chip cookies (will YOU make them?) in July? You might have to operate regionally in order to guarantee things arriving quickly and in good condition. You also need factor in the initial cost of shipping supplies and advertising (like on Facebook side ads). I think your baked goods are gorgeous and tasty, so I wish you good luck in this venture.

    I'd volunteer for cake tasting, but I'm a little outside your region. ;)

  2. I have no idea about how to start a business, but I'd volunteer to have something shipped to me (if you are going to ship that far).

    My one recommendation, try to think of who would want to purchase your goods, and try to think of how to reach them. You already mentioned that you aren't sure of your customer base, but I would focus on developing that first. Don't let the fact that you don't have a clear idea yet discourage you though. My 2 cents.

  3. Oh I think this needs study- and lots of it- send all things you want to sell here for the "study" and we will get back with you- promise!

    on another note- look at some sites that are doing this with success and remember if it has chocolate in it it will always sell- but hey! Why not start at your local FARMERS market- you might have a buying audience right there.