Sunday, April 17, 2011

Situation Wanted

Over the last week of job hunting, internet browsing and general boredom, my mind keeps going back to one place. Being a potter. It's hard work. I know. I worked for potters. It's tough to keep the production line going, there's always something that needs to be done, should have been done yesterday, and a solo potter is a tough life. But I still miss it. I miss having my hands in clay. The wet spot on my jeans from where water drips down to my elbow braced against my leg. The clay in my hair because I kept tucking a stray piece behind my ear.

The only problem is that I really need a benefactor, or a grant. I need studio space. I need clay. I need glazes. I need a kiln. I need to find my clay tools and assess them. I probably need (want) more tools. I want a slab roller. These things cost money. I'm searching for possible places that will give me money, or a place where I could rent studio space and kiln space, but that also involves having a full-time job that will enable me to afford those things.

For a long time I pushed down the way I missed working in clay. There wasn't anywhere to fire, so there was no point in making things. In fact, I think I have a box of greenware somewhere out of a clay that I don't remember if it's Cone 6 or lower. I loved school, and I'm really glad I got my graduate degree. But I'm ready to go back. Ready to use my hands and my skills again. Ready to try some new things and break away from what I did before. I'm ready to challenge myself.


The teapot is part of my dinnerware. Not the best picture, but it's a great little teapot! (I like earth tones in my pottery.)


  1. Check out the book called The Artist's Guide to Grantwriting by Gigi Rosenberg...and go to one of the free sessions at The Foundation Center in DC on Grantseeking for Artists. There are some great tips and resources for getting funding for your work. I went a few weeks ago and felt that the grant process was demystified a bit for me. Maybe you can find help there? Best of luck!!!

  2. you will always know where to turn.
    Potter- = little to no money these days.
    We are waiting for the come back!
    But I understand your need.
    Come down for a long week-end and i will get you in some clay.