Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Artist Crush

Last entry I talked about Lynda Watson and her amazing Landscape Neckpiece that I so deeply covet. Today, while doing some editing, I came across her again and had to stop to look her up online to learn more. Turns out, she's still making jewelry and has a great website. My favorite upon first glance was the Maui Birthdays bracelet (above) in her metal jewelry section. She also does felt jewelry now! While I'm not sure I'm old enough to wear felt jewelry or clothing, I might be able to wear some of her creations.

I'm also in love with her Prague Celebrations brooch. I love a good brooch, and this one looks like it would go perfectly with every single outfit I have. Her work is quite amazing, intricate, and highly skilled. I also like that she's kept up with trends in jewelry and her work, while retaining a classic feel, has moved from the bulky intricacies of the late 1960s to cleaner lines and imagery more fitting for today. Plus, it seems like she gets to do some good traveling, based on the names of her pieces.

Her resume is impressive, and she has work at the Renwick here in DC! Feel free to contact her and order something for me!

Photo credit: Lynda Watson Art

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