Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Discovery

While searching for an image of Eva Zeisel's "Smoo" salt and pepper shakers, also known as the Town and Country dinnerware service, I stumbled across the image above of an inkwell she designed ca. 1929-30. I love the bright orange color and the geometry of the design. I didn't know she had work like this since I'm used to her more organic and muted dinnerware of the 1940s and '50s.

I'm intrigued that she designed an inkwell like this in 1929. I'm not sure when pens moved from needing an inkwell to the contemporary fountain or ballpoint we know today, but this seems a bit late. In my quick research I found there are a few inkwells in the early 1920s, but with a much more Art Deco feel. Zeisel's inkwell is a bit more Modern with a lack of ornamentation and strict geometry. In many ways it reminds me of Japanese or Chinese inkwells for calligraphy. Unfortunately, the Met Museum website doesn't provide much more insight into this piece, but I hope to stumble across more things like this.

Photo from the Met Museum.

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